The Tarantulas formed in 1995 in Orlando Florida. Guitarist Randy J and Drummer Chris Valentino, who had played together in other projects around the central Florida area, created the foundation for what would end up becoming an early 60's influenced surf trio.

The two musicians had previously played shows together at local venues and clubs using a much more experimental approach than what would later develop into an extension of the traditional surf music of the early 60's.

In the early 90's, guitarist Randy J was mainly performing as a solo guitarist at local coffeehouses and bars in Orlando. More and more frequentley, Chris Valentino, who was already gaining a reputation as an excellent drummer throughout the area, would sit on drums and the two musicians would improvise on insturmentals for an entire set.

The experimental elements of the music gradually became a backdrop for pure traditional surf guitar melodies in the style of The Lively Ones, Link Wray, Dick Dale, and the Ventures. The two musicans found an excellent bassist, Loran Lea, to round out the band, and the trio began performing as The Tarantulas.

In 1998, Ken Baugh joined The Tarantulas on bass. Ken was already known as an excellent surf guitarist with his own band Ten Penny Heroes and he has composed many great surf instrumentals over the years. The band continued performing shows at the House of Blues in Orlando, opening shows for the legendary Link Wray, and performing shows with The Friends of Dean Martinez and Dick Dale.

The trio released "Monster Wave 100 Feet High" in 1999, followed by "Bandidos De Rojos" in 2000, "The Tarantulas Greatest Hits..or...The Big Sellout" in 2004, and "Don't Murder Anyone...Listen to the Lovebeats" in June 2006.

The 2 later recordings feature surf instrumentals as well as some vocal tracks. They also feature drummer Eddy Barattini, vocalist Kelly Cole, and early Tarantula tracks from the original lineup in the mid-90's.

The band is currently located in Arizona and is currently working on film projects, recording a new album, and performing live shows.

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